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Dear Customers,

We are Phuc Ngoc Anh Joint Stock Company.

15 years of establishment and development is not a long way but Phuc Ngoc Anh has built up the leading distributor of refrigeration, electronics and home appliances in the Vietnamese market.

With philosophy "Success of partners, stable income of employees is the success of the business of Phuc Ngoc Anh" that over the past 15 years Phuc Ngoc Anh has always been with the customers share difficulties, strengthened belief, developed a distribution network in all  northern, central and southern. Day by day, hundreds of agents operate stable which means thousands of laborers have jobs and millions of customers to meet the needs of consumers.

More one hundred employees, staffs Phuc Ngoc Anh desire and effort to bring customers the best service. Therefore, we attach great importance to the selection, development and training of competent and capable experts, capable of analyzing the market and efficiently coordinating the network of development on a large scale to meet The demand of consumers in the country.

Most Especialy, Phuc Ngoc Anh is very care to selection the supplier so on the way coporate with manufacturers at the top in the world. The manufacturers has products and services has been beliving by Customers around the world. Most important, The they really hope and be enough ability for needs Vietnamese custumers.

Phuc Ngoc Anh Joint Stock Company is very joyful welcome manufacturers in and outside country arrive, find out, corporate together build the environment business be strong because The Vietnam has prosperity and development in the future.


Phuc Ngoc Anh - Vietnamese dragon brand.

After 15 years of construction and development, Do Lan businessman - Chairman of Phuc Ngoc Anh Joint Stock Company always raises the philosophy of business very delicate with a strategic vision on the big boat out of the market Vietnam and keep the pace of advanced countries in the region and the world.

By the hands and wisdom of the woman through many turbulent in business and life, Phuc Ngoc Anh is a typical example of the success of Vietnamese brands built and integrated with the national market. . Of course, the surrounding is still the indispensable importantes such as the time, the receipt of ideas, ideas and even the energy can not mention it.

The development of Phuc Ngoc Anh is also a common development path of the Vietnamese economy in each period. Can see the breakthrough in the distribution of popular products in the world such as Toshiba, Panasonic is an impressive point in the journey of personal branding.

In order to have the stability and belief as today, Phuc Ngoc Anh has experienced ups and downs and sometimes seemed to have given up on the fierce market but from the difficulties that Phuc Ngoc Anh has affirmed branded by belief and new vision, the company always put out the business philosophy is very subtle.

"Success for partners, value for customers"

This is the philosophy always placed first for the team of companies Phuc Ngoc Anh.



Member of the board of directors
Member of the board of directors


Deputy managing director of import/export
Deputy managing director of finance
Deputy managing director of business
Director of AKINO Northern Representative Office
Sales Director of AKINO Northern Representative Office


The customer is always right
The partner is the confidant
The creative is the motivation
The commitment is the responsible
The effective is the purpose 
The quality be on top




Become one of the leading distributors in the field of refrigeration, electronics, home appliances and regional development, to bring the best benefits to customers and the community.


For the market: Providing leading-edge products and services with international quality and local identity; Unique and innovative. In addition to the superior quality of service, each product - service to meet the needs and goals of customers.

For partners: Focus on the spirit of cooperation and development; Commitment to become "Partner No. 1" of partners and agents.

For staff: Build a professional, dynamic, creative and human working environment; Facilitate high income and equal opportunity for all employees.

For society: Harmony of corporate interests with social benefits; actively contributing to community-based activities, demonstrating a sense of civic responsibility and national pride.